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MAIN OFFICE PHONE:  (540) 375-3032|E-MAIL:
HOURS:  M-F 8am-5pm |LOCATION:  21 South Bruffey Street, Salem, VA 24153

Geographic Information Systems

MAIN OFFICE PHONE:  (540) 375-3032|E-MAIL:
HOURS:  M-F 8am-5pm |LOCATION:  21 South Bruffey Street, Salem, VA 24153

GIS is a division of the City of Salem Community Development Department. The GIS division is responsible for identifying geographic mapping and geospatial analysis needs for the City.


Enable the City of Salem to improve communication and decision-making to better serve the public through the use of Geographic Information Systems.


GIS is a technology that links geographic information (features) with descriptive information (attributes). GIS can be described as having multiple layers of data assembled into a digital map. GIS is a dynamic service, which means that the user can interact with the map rather than just looking at it.  This greatly increases its variety of uses – GIS allows the user to visualize, explore, query, edit, and analyze geographic information.


The City of Salem GIS Application provides geospatial information to the community.  The application offers functions that allow users to access maps and limited real estate property information using the City's GIS data.  The application contains layers for tax parcels, street centerlines, flood zones, zoning, and utility locations.  The application provides tools to allow users to search for data, measure distances, and print parcel information.  Users can search by street name or tax id number.

For detailed property search, assessments, and real estate sales data, please visit the City of Salem's Real Estate Online Database.


For questions regarding mapping and GIS data, please contact the Engineering Department.

For questions regarding real estate assessment data, please contact the Real Estate Department.


The GIS data is updated on an as-needed basis.  Updates will typically occur on Friday mornings between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  The GIS site may not be available during that time.


The data shown on the GIS Application site has been created from various public and private sources at different times and levels of accuracy and precision.  These data should only be used for graphic representation and should not be considered as positionally accurate.  This data is provided "as is" with no claim made as to its accuracy or its appropriateness to your intended use of the data.  It is the responsibility of the user of these data to be aware of its limitations and to use the data in an appropriate and responsible manner.  Neither the City of Salem nor its representatives shall be held responsible for any expenses, costs, damages, or injuries that arises from the use of the data as shown.  These data should not be used in lieu of an actual ground survey.