Fees & Taxes

Various Fees & Taxes In Salem

  1. Administrative Collection Fee (PDF)
  2. Admissions and Amusement Tax (PDF)
  3. Adoption Fee (PDF)
  4. Amplification Permit Fee (PDF)
  5. Annual Pole Attachment Fees (PDF)
  6. Asbestos Removal Permit Fee (PDF)
  7. Athletic Program Fees (PDF)
  8. Bank Franchise Tax (Bank Stock Tax) (PDF)
  9. Interest on Judgements (PDF)
  10. Land Disturbing Fee (PDF)
  11. Leaf Removal (PDF)
  12. Library Fees and Other Charges (PDF)
  13. Library Fees For Damaged or Lost Material (PDF)
  14. Library Fines (PDF)
  15. Litter Cleanup on Private Property Fee (PDF)
  16. Local Consumption Tax (PDF)
  17. Local Use Tax (PDF)
  18. Machinery and Tools Personal Property Tax (PDF)
  19. Manufactured Home Park Operations Permit Fee (PDF)
  20. Meter Check for Accuracy Fee-Electric (PDF)
  21. Meter Re-Read Fee-Water (PDF)
  22. Miscellaneous Sewer Fees (PDF)
  23. Miscellaneous Water Fees (PDF)
  24. Mobile Home Tax (PDF)
  25. Mowing Personal Property Lot Fee (PDF)
  26. Occupancy Inspection Fee (PDF)
  27. Parking Ticket Fines (PDF)
  28. Penalty and Interest on Personal Property Taxes (PDF)
  29. Penalty and Interest on Real Estate Taxes (PDF)
  30. Personal Property Tax (PDF)
  31. Plan Review for Residential and Commercial Fees (PDF)
  32. Plan Review With Stormwater Plan Fee (PDF)
  33. Planning Unit Development Fee (PUD) (PDF)
  34. Police Verification Report Fee (PDF)
  35. Prepared Food and Beverage Tax (Meals Tax) (PDF)
  36. Probate Tax (PDF)
  37. Public Right Of Way Use Fees-Electric (PDF)
  38. Public Service Corporation Local Tax (PDF)
  39. Public Vehicle Fees (Taxicabs and for Hire Vehicles) (PDF)
  40. Re Inspection Code Compliance Fee (PDF)
  41. Real Estate Tax (PDF)
  42. Reconnect Fee for NonPayment of Utilities (PDF)
  43. Recordation Tax (PDF)
  44. Recreation Program Fees (PDF)
  45. Refund for Permits (PDF)
  46. Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred In Responding to Certain Traffic Incidents (PDF)
  47. Return Check Fee (PDF)
  48. Rezoning Fee (PDF)
  49. Right of Way Permit Fee (PDF)
  50. Salem Magazine Ad Fees (PDF)
  1. Sales and Use Tax (PDF)
  2. Scrap Metal Dealer Permit Fee (PDF)
  3. Security Deposit for Utilities (PDF)
  4. Senior Center Fees-Parks and Recreation (PDF)
  5. Service Fees for Courts (PDF)
  6. Sewer Availability Fees (PDF)
  7. Sewer Connection Fees (PDF)
  8. Sewer Non-User Fees (PDF)
  9. Sewer Rates (PDF)
  10. Sewer Unmetered Fees (PDF)
  11. Short Term-Daily Rental Tax (PDF)
  12. Sidewalk Dining Permits (PDF)
  13. Site Plan Approval Review Fee (PDF)
  14. Site Plan Re-Review Fee (PDF)
  15. Special Events-Parks and Recreation (PDF)
  16. Special Exception Permit Fee (PDF)
  17. Special Regulatory Tax-State (PDF)
  18. State Consumption Tax (PDF)
  19. Stormwater Appeal Fee (PDF)
  20. Street and Alley Vacating Review Fee (PDF)
  21. Subdivision Plan Copy Fee (PDF)
  22. Subdivision Plan Review Fee (PDF)
  23. Tax Freeze For the Elderly and Disabled for Real Estate (PDF)
  24. Taxicab Service Charge Fee (PDF)
  25. Technology Fee (PDF)
  26. Temporary Electric Inspection Fee (PDF)
  27. Temporary Service Fees (Electric) (PDF)
  28. Tent and Membrane Structures Over 900 Sq Feet Permit Fee (PDF)
  29. Tipping Fees (PDF)
  30. Towing of Abandon or Stopped Vehicles (PDF)
  31. Transient Lodging Tax (Lodging Tax) (PDF)
  32. Trash Service-Dumpster Fees (PDF)
  33. Use Not Provided for Permit Fee (PDF)
  34. Utility License Tax (PDF)
  35. Utility Service Late Payment Fees (PDF)
  36. Utility Service Tax-Local (PDF)
  37. Utility Service Turn on Fees (PDF)
  38. Vehicle License Fee (VLF) (PDF)
  39. Vehicle Registration Withholding Program Fee (PDF)
  40. VIP Parking-Civic Center (PDF)
  41. Virginia Stormwater Management Program Fees (PDF)
  42. Water Availability Fees (PDF)
  43. Water Connection Fees (PDF)
  44. Water Non-User Fees (PDF)
  45. Water Rates (PDF)
  46. Yard Sale-Garage Sale Permit Fee (PDF)
  47. Zoning Certification Letter Fee (PDF)
  48. Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
  49. Zoning Permit Fee (PDF)