Juror Notification

May 2016 Term    The first jury trial for the May 2016 jury term is scheduled for Monday, June 6th.  All Jurors need to call  224-8502 or check the website Friday, June 3rd after 5:00 pm for further instructions.  Thank you. 

If the information above has not been updated, please use the juror phone line 224-8502 for your instructions.


If you have a need to be excused from jury duty for a single day, a sequence of dates or for the whole term, please open the juror absence request (link at beginning of paragraph).  Complete the form, print, and then mail or fax to the Salem Circuit Court Clerk's Office.  Once the Judge has reviewed the request, the Clerk's Office will mail the response back to your home address or you can call the Clerk of Court at 540-375-3067 at any time between 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Complete your juror absence request form and Mail to: 

Salem Circuit Court Clerk's Office

2 East Calhoun Street

Salem, VA 24153 or Fax to: (540) 375-4039

General Information

The term listed on your jury summons will indicate the length of your service. 

February-90 days;  May-60 days;  July-60 days;  September-90 days;  and December-60 days

When your juror number (found on your summons) is listed in the notification box above or listed on the juror phone line (540) 224-8502, please report to the courthouse at the designated time at 2 East Calhoun St. in the City of Salem.  We are located one block over from Main St., behind the Public Library and beside the Salem Police Department. 

Please report through the main entrance on Calhoun St. leaving behind any electronics (cell phones, i-pods, cameras etc.) and items that may be considered weapons.  Please view our restricted items listed on our court security page for more information.

Proper dress is required for jurors.  Please wear comfortable but appropriate attire.  Do not wear shorts or tank tops.  For your comfort, be prepared for temperature fluctuations inside the courtrooms, and jury rooms.

Parking is available at the west end of the courthouse across Broad St.  There is also parking available behind the courthouse.  Please refrain from parking in the Library parking lot as it is only two hour parking. 

If you have any questions/concerns or you need to speak with a Deputy, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (540) 389-0978 or (540) 375-3040.  If you need your juror instructions please phone the juror phone line at (540) 224-8502.


(540) 375-3040 or
(540) 389-0978


2 East Calhoun Street
Salem, VA 24153


(540) 375-4055

Juror Line

(540) 224-8502




8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

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Roanoke Valley